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A Media Center without Walls….Follett Destiny

Our 21st century world brings with it a sense of global community. The Internet has changed the way our children learn and how we teach them. As such, the Greenwich Public Schools media centers have shed their walls and are accessible as the “center” of the student’s learning experience through the new web-based, library management system - Destiny. The Follett Destiny Library Management System provides 24/7 access to a wealth of resources and enables media in the Greenwich Public Schools to meet the goal of providing ample, high-quality print and non-print resources. In addition, it provides the tools to get the best resource in the hands of children for any project or learning endeavor. Together with our virtual libraries of curriculum-related web resources and Follett Destiny, Greenwich Public Schools is proud to present their community a media center without walls.

Why Destiny?

➢ The Follett Destiny Library System manages our libraries and other materials more efficiently enabling us to provide ample, high-quality print and non-print resources that are accessible, equitable for all students and aligned with standards.

➢ Increases our students’ access to information – in an easy-to-use, kid-friendly manner. It is web-based, interactive, varied and helps students do much more than just “look up” a book.

➢ Controls the safety of Internet use more efficiently. Embedded in Destiny is a component called “WebPath Express” which provides evaluated, appropriate Internet sources.

➢ Links learning resources to state standards through a search capability called “State Standards”. Imagine the possibilities…

➢ Brings all our district’s libraries together on one server –we are a true Union catalog. Share the wealth of expertise throughout the district.

Here is a QuickStart Guide on the use of the Online Catalog:

Here is the guide to WebPath Express for using Follett Destiny for quality web searches: