Internet Procedures and Guidelines

Acceptable Use Policy:

Internet Code of Conduct

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Greenwich Public Schools provides each child with access to computer technologies including the Internet. Access to the Internet enriches children’s educational experiences and provides necessary skills in order for them to collaborate, research and communicate in our global society. Within this context, Greenwich Public Schools makes every effort to provide a safe and appropriate experience for your child. Our district takes several steps to ensure that all Internet and network resources are used appropriately for grade-levels as well as curricular needs including the following:

  • use of directed and teacher-selected websites,
  • supervised and project-based learning experiences,
  • monitoring via a filtering product
  • and review of Internet Safety regulations through orientations and directed lessons.

The district’s Acceptable Use & Internet Agreement, Website Procedures and Internet Code of Conduct is reviewed with students at the beginning of each school year. We provide an Internet Code of Conduct that includes guidelines for students to follow to make their experience on the Internet educationally engaging and safe.

The documents are available in .pdf format for your convenience.

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